Bonus Features

Standard Feature


As standard, all Life Insurance policies (from any life insurance company) include “Death Benefit”, which is the sum insured – the amount which will be paid out to your chosen beneficiary (or beneficiaries) in the event of your death. This insurance policy is no exception – choose the amount of cover that’s right for you, up to a maximum of US$350,000

Bonus Features

Unlike many Life Insurance policies, this one will pay 10% of the total sum insured to your nominated beneficiary (or beneficiaries) almost immediately upon receiving notification of your death with only basic information needing to be provided, by email. This is hugely important for nomadic families who have the added potential expenses of flights, visas, accomodation, and other location-specific costs. Your family needs this.


Unlike most Life Insurance policies, this one provides additional payments to cover the cost of flights and other expenses incurred if a relative or guardian needs to come and collect orphaned children to bring them home and make sure they do not become a “Ward of Court” (under government control) in whichever country they happen to be in. This feature also provides priceless practical help and assistance, in addition to the money.


Often underrated by those who haven’t used this service, but highly valued by those who have. The death of a loved one is a devastating experience which can affect people in many ways. This policy includes free 24/7 access to highly trained and experienced Counselling Specialists who are on hand to provide both practical advice, and confidential ongoing psychotherapy services, to your beneficiaries and family.


In simple terms, this added benefit covers both the cost and administration of repatriating your body to your home country, run by a team of experienced international advisors who know how to deal with things like liaising with local police, clearing customs, arranging transportation, and liaising with home country port authorities, whilst adhering to any of your religious sensitivities, cultural requirements, and local laws.


Your beneficiaries also have access to a 24/7 multilingual hotline designed to provide practical assistance and peace of mind, where there’s always someone to talk to who will help them through the full situation, answer any questions, and sort out any issues. This includes ensuring that they have access to all the policy benefits, as well as help with coordinating solutions to any other non-insurance-related problems.


As the leading global insurance provider for us nomads, our insurer has of course made sure that this policy is 100% globally portable. Unlike the vast majority of other life insurance policies which place restrictions or exclusions on travel, or don’t cover death in some countries outside your main country of residence, this one is fully global. You are always fully covered, nomad-er where you go on the planet.