Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Here are the full terms and conditions of the International Life Insurance policies provided via LifeInsuranceForNomads.com which are underwritten by Regency Assurance. Please read through it in full so you know everything that the policies cover, and if you have any questions or need anything explained, just contact us through this website.

Global Reach

The life insurance cover provided via LifeInsuranceForNomads.com is fully global and totally portable, everywhere in the world. This means that when you move, your life insurance policy moves with you, and you remain fully covered.

For claims, there are a number of dedicated claims lines operating 24/7, based in various countries around the world, so wherever you and your family are, whatever the time zone, there are people waiting to answer a call at any moment in time, speaking a variety of languages.

The insurance cover provided via LifeInsuranceForNomads.com is relied on by hundreds of thousands of global nomads and expatriates, consistently has a customer satisfaction rating of over 98%, and more than 99% of claims are paid in full.

Choose an amount of cover which suits your circumstances and your budget

To get an instant online quotation for any amount of cover, please click here. The maximum amount of cover available via this policy is US$350,000 and the minimum amount of cover is US$10,000.

All policies are annually renewable, and you also have the opportunity to adjust your level of cover on each anniversary date. You can choose to pay annually, semi-annually, quarterly, or monthly. Payments can be made by any major credit or debit card (very helpful if you save up credit card points or rewards), including virtual cards, or by bank transfer when paying annually.

Death Benefit

When you purchase your life insurance policy, the amount of cover, known as “Death Benefit”, will be agreed and specified in the Certificate of Insurance. This is the amount which will be paid to your nominated beneficiaries if you pass away whilst the insurance policy remains active. You can choose the level of ‘Death Benefit’ your policy covers you for, up to a maximum of US$350,000. The ‘Death Benefit’ is a vital part of financial planning that can provide peace of mind to you and your loved ones, as well as ensuring that your family is financially protected in the event of the death of an insured person.

The ‘Death Benefit’ is designed to take care of your chosen beneficiaries financially, replacing money which would have otherwise been earned by you over several years, and thereby removing the worry of financial hardship.

Upfront Payment

Life insurance policies via LifeInsuranceForNomads.com are designed to help your beneficiaries from the very first instance. Most claims are settled in full in less than 90 days (unless further information or clarification is required).

Beneficiaries in unfamiliar surroundings at the time of your death will need access to financial assistance to pay for flights and legal expenses, potential issues with visas, unaccompanied children will need immediate assistance, and local rules and regulations may need to be addressed. Because of this, our insurer will pay 10% of the sum insured (the ‘Death Benefit’) to cover these expenses, thereby avoiding unnecessary financial hardship at such a sensitive and difficult time. The remaining 90% of the sum insured will be paid shortly after once the required formalities are completed.

Child Chaperone

Unlike most life insurance policies, this one includes Child Chaperone payments within its coverage, in addition to the Death Benefit. It is vital that both you and your beneficiaries have peace of mind that in the event of your death, there will be both financial and practical assistance available to ensure that orphaned children are taken care of and do not become a “Ward of Court” (placed under government control in whatever country they happen to be in). Money will be made available to cover travel expenses to allow next of kin or guardians to collect the children and take them safely home.

Bereavement Counselling

The death of a loved one is a devastating experience which can affect people in many different ways. The insurer offers a valuable Bereavement Counselling service to help family members come to terms with their loss. Beneficiaries are just a phone call away from highly trained and experienced Counselling Specialists, providing access to vital support at such an emotional time. In addition to the sum insured, the policy includes access to a 24/7 Bereavement Counselling Helpline, practical advice, ongoing counselling by telephone, and confidential psychotherapy services.

Mortal Remains Repatriation

In simple terms, the policies available via LifeInsuranceForNomads.com covers the policyholder for the costs associated with repatriating your body to your home country and dealing with the administrative requirements, again in addition to the sum insured. The insurer’s Mortal Remains Repatriation Service releases funds and provides access to a team of experienced international advisors. Working in accordance with religious sensitivities, cultural requirements, and local laws, the access to upfront funds, support and advice can relieve your loved ones from the unnecessary worry of dealing with the costs and stresses of repatriation at such a difficult time.

The Mortal Remains Repatriation Service also includes:

Clearing customs
Liaising with local police
Assisting in dealing with administrative procedures
Liaising with home country port authorities

24-hour International Assistance

Insurance via LifeInsuranceForNomads.com offers beneficiaries access to a 24/7 multilingual hotline designed to provide practical assistance and peace of mind. Once a request for assistance has been made, the team can take charge of the situation and sort out any issues. The service is designed to ensure loved ones have access to experts who will coordinate the paperwork, logistics, and associated costs of a death overseas, nomad-er where they are in the world.

The 24-hour International Assistance includes:

Support for shipping the body home (Mortal Remains Repatriation)
Administration of all associated policy benefits
24-hour helpline
Case management for the beneficiary
Assistance in liaising with emergency services
Review of the post-mortem
Arrangement of Child Chaperone benefit
Ensuring access to all policy benefits, including the coordination of access to other relevant insurance policies held by the insured person and/or the policyholder

Geographical Extension

As the leading global insurance provider for us nomads, our insurer has developed this policy to include the widest range of benefits we need, including vital Geographical Extension. The vast majority of other insurers do not offer this – most other life insurance providers include a number of restrictions relating to travel or time spent outside the main country of residence as stated on the policy documents. Policies from LifeInsuranceForNomads.com are fully globally portable and geographically transferrable. This means that when you buy the life insurance policy whilst living in one country, and then move to another country in a completely different part of the world, your policy will follow you. You will be covered, nomad-er where you go, and you don’t even need to do anything if and when you move, you’re automatically covered everywhere.

Policy Wording

Okay, so these “Policy Wording” sections are not the most exciting thing you’ll ever read. However, they are worth reading for three very good reasons:

1) This is all about your life insurance coverage, and therefore very important
2) It counts as general education, which is always a good thing
3) Reading this will help you accurately compare the cover available from different insurance providers, and therefore help you to make a better purchase decision

Ready? Here we go.

Policy Wording – Definitions

The following words and phrases have specific meanings, and are defined as follows:

Accident: An unexpected, unforeseen and involuntary external event resulting in injury to a Member and occurring whilst this policy is in force.

Act of Terrorism: An act, including, but not limited to, the use of force or violence and/or the threat thereof, of any person or group(s) of persons, whether acting alone, on behalf of, or in conjunction with any organisation(s) or government(s), committed for political, religious, ideological or ethnic purposes or reasons, including the intention to influence any government and/or to put the public or any section of the public in fear.

Advice: Any consultation from a Medical Practitioner or specialist.

Benefits: The insurance cover provided by this policy and any applicable endorsements shown in a Member’s Certificate of Insurance.

Bodily Injury: An injury that is caused solely by an Accident and results in the Member’s dismemberment, disablement or other physical injury.

Certificate of Insurance: A schedule that provides Members with information regarding the plan and benefit options elected by the Policyholder, and lists those Members, including any Dependants, covered by the plan.

Child Chaperone: Travel costs for one economy class round trip for the person who is Next of Kin of Minor(s) who have become unaccompanied Minor(s) following and due to the death of the Insured Person, for the purpose of escorting those unaccompanied Minor(s). Unaccompanied shall be taken to mean without the presence of a responsible adult.

Commencement Date: The date shown on the Certificate of Insurance on which the policy came into effect.

Conflict/Civil Unrest: Any war, invasion, acts of foreign enemy hostilities (whether or not war is declared), civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection or military or usurped power, mutiny, riot, strike, martial law or state of siege or attempted overthrow of government or any Act of Terrorism.

Congenital Anomaly: Any genetic, physical or (bio)chemical defect, disease or malformation which existed at or before birth, and which may or may not be obvious at birth.

Country (or countries) of Nationality: The country (or countries) for which Members hold a valid passport(s).

Country of Residence: The country in which Members habitually reside at the time this policy is first taken out or at each subsequent renewal date.

Cover: Benefits provided to the Member’s policy as listed in the Certificate of Insurance.

Date of Entry: The date on which a Member was included under this policy without any break in cover.

Death Benefit: Life Insurance payment to the beneficiary(ies) nominated by the Insured Person and/or the Policyholder prior to the Insured Person’s death or to the Insured Person’s estate, following the death of the Insured Person.

Dependants: One spouse or adult partner and/or unmarried children who are not more than 18 years old and who are residing with the Policyholder, or 26 years old if in fulltime education, at the Date of Entry or any subsequent Renewal Date. The term partner shall mean husband, wife or the person permanently living with the employee in a similar relationship. All dependants must be named in the Certificate of Insurance.

Direct Family Member: Spouse, child, parent or sibling.

Elective: Planned treatment that is Medically Necessary, but which is not required in an Emergency.

Emergency: A sudden, serious, and unforeseen acute Medical Condition or injury requiring immediate medical care.

Expatriate: Any persons living or working outside their country of citizenship, for a period exceeding six months per Period of Cover.

General Advice: Advice from the relevant professional body.

Hereditary: A disease or disorder that is inherited genetically.

Hospital: An establishment that is legally licensed as a medical or surgical hospital under the laws of the country in which it is situated.

Local National: Any persons living or working in their country of citizenship, for a period exceeding six months per Period of Cover.

Medical Check-ups: Medical tests/screenings that are undertaken by a Medical Practitioner without any clinical symptoms being present.

Medical Condition: Any injury, illness or disease, including psychiatric illness.

Medical Practitioner: A person who has attained primary degrees in medicine or surgery by attending a medical school recognised by the World Health Organisation and who is licensed by the relevant authority to practice medicine in the country where the treatment is given.

Medically Necessary: A medical service or treatment, which in the opinion of a qualified Medical Practitioner is appropriate and consistent with the diagnosis and which in accordance with generally accepted medical standards could not have been omitted without adversely affecting the Member’s condition or the quality of medical care rendered.

Member/Insured Person/You/Your: The Policyholder and/or the insured person and/or Dependants named on the Policy schedule or Certificate of Insurance.

Minor: A living person under the age of 18 years who is a family relative of and was in the direct care and custody of, the deceased Insured Person named in the Certificate of Insurance at the time of the death of the Insured Person named in the Certificate of Insurance.

Next of Kin: The closest living relative by blood or marriage OR in the cases of a ward of court, adoption or fostering, a person named by a court of law to represent the role of next of kin.

Nomad: Any persons living or working outside their country of citizenship, for a period exceeding six months per Period of Cover.

Period of Cover: The period of cover set out in the Certificate of Insurance. This will be a 12 month period starting from the Date of Entry/Commencement Date or any subsequent Renewal Date, as applicable. Renewal of this Policy is dependent on the Insured Person being alive on the date of expiry/the end date set out on the prevailing Certificate of Insurance.

Plan Limit: The maximum amount payable for each Insured Person in any Period of Cover.

Policy: The life insurance policy, the contract of insurance between the insurance company and the Policyholder providing Cover as detailed in the Policy Documentation.

Policy Documentation: The set of policy documents that form a contractual agreement between the insurance company and the Policyholder. These documents include any application forms, the Certificate of Insurance, Benefits and Policy wording terms, conditions and exclusions, and any other supporting documentation.

Policyholder: The person named as policyholder in the Policy schedule or Certificate of Insurance.

Provider: A provider who is legally licensed to supply treatment and or services in the country in which it is provided.

Reasonable and Customary Charges: The average amount charged in respect of valid services or treatment costs, as determined by the insurance company’s experience in any particular country, area or region and substantiated by an independent third party, being a practicing surgeon/physician/specialist or government health department.

Related Condition: Any injuries, illnesses or diseases are related conditions if the insurance company, on general advice, determine that one is a result of the other or if each is a result of the same injury, illness or disease.

Renewal Date: The anniversary of the Commencement Date of the Policy.

Underwriters: The carrier of risk and payer of Benefits as indicated in the Policy Documentation and Certificate of Insurance.

Policy Wording – Conditions

Finished with the definitions? Great! Here are the policy conditions, which use those words above. This is also very important, for the same reasons as listed in the last section, so please make sure to read them carefully. This section, along with the “Exclusions” section below, is what you can use to compare different insurances to see which one is best.

The following conditions apply to all sections of this insurance:

Policy: This insurance contract consists of the application form and the Policy Documentation, including the Certificate of Insurance, and policy wording. The rights of the Policyholder; or any beneficiary will not be affected by any provision other than the one described above.

Language: This policy is written in English. This Policy may only be completed and interpreted in English and all other information and communications relating to this Policy will also be in English.

Eligibility for Cover: Insured Persons will be eligible for Cover up until the age of 65.

Termination of Cover: Cover may end if you exhaust the maximum aggregate benefit under the plan, or you fail to reimburse the insurance company within 14 days of receipt of notice that the insurance company has made payment for a Medical Condition or claim not covered within the terms and conditions of the Policy.

Cover: The Underwriter will pay the insurance Benefits (specific Benefits will not exceed the corresponding payment limit and the total amount of Benefits will not exceed the mutually agreed maximum insured amount of the Policy). The insurance contract will provide Cover for deaths occurring during the current Period of Cover.

Tax: The insurance company reserves the right to reflect any changes in insurance premium tax or other government levies as may be imposed upon them.

Period of Cover: Your plan and its Benefit(s) are in force for the period of cover noted in your Certificate of Insurance.

Certificate of Insurance: The insurance company will provide a Certificate of Insurance for each Member and any eligible Dependants benefitting from Cover under this Policy.

Contribution: If you, or any Dependant named on your Policy, are entitled to claim from any other insurance policy for any of the costs, charges or fees for which you are insured under this contract, you must disclose the same to the insurance company and they shall not be liable to pay or contribute more than their rateable proportion.

Change of Risk: The Policyholder or Insured Person must inform the insurance company as soon as reasonably possible of any material changes that affects information given in connection with the application for Cover under this Policy. The Underwriter reserves the right to alter the Policy terms or cancel Cover for an Insured Person following a change of risk.

Declaration of Material Facts: All material facts (e.g., a pre-existing health condition or involvement in a hazardous activity) that may affect the Underwriter’s assessment and consideration of an application should be declared. Failure to do so may invalidate your Cover. If you are in doubt whether a fact is material then it should be disclosed.

Break in Cover: Where there is a break in Cover, for whatever reason, the insurance company reserves the right to reapply the relevant exclusion clause in respect of pre-existing medical conditions.

Claim Adjudication: All claims must be notified as soon as is reasonably practical after the event which causes the claim. Failure to do so may result in rejection of the claim by the Underwriter if it is made so long after the event that they are unable to investigate it fully, or may result in you not receiving the full amount claimed for if the amount claimed is increased as a result of any delay. If the Underwriter thinks that the evidence of the claim submission and the information provided is incomplete, then you will be informed promptly of the required supplementary information. The Underwriter will not pay any interest on any amount payable under this policy. If any claim is in any respect fraudulent or unfounded, all Benefits paid and/or payable in relation to that claim shall be forfeited and (if appropriate) recoverable. In addition, all Cover in respect of the Insured Persons shall be cancelled void from the Date of Entry.

Applicable Law: The law applicable to this policy shall be construed according to the laws of Nevis.

Subrogation: The policy shall be subrogated to all rights of recovery that Insured Persons have against any other party with respect to any payment made by that party to Insured Persons and/or the Policyholder due to the death of Insured Persons or due to any injury, illness, medical condition Insured Persons sustain to the full extent of the Benefits provided or to be provided by the Policy. If Insured Persons and/or the Policyholder receive any payment from any other party or from any other insurance cover as a result of an injury, illness, medical condition or death, the Underwriter has the right to recover from, and be reimbursed by them, for all amounts the Underwriter has paid and will pay as a result of that injury, illness, medical condition or death, from such payment, up to and including the full amount received. The Underwriter shall be entitled to full reimbursement from any other party’s payments, even if such payment will result in a recovery that is insufficient to fully compensate the Insured Person in part or in whole for the damages sustained. Insured Persons and/or Policyholders are required to fully cooperate with the Underwriter in their efforts to recover any payments made including any legal proceedings that they may conduct and proceed with on your behalf at their sole discretion. Insured Persons and/or Policyholders are required to notify the insurance company within 30 days of the date when any notice is given to any party, including an insurance company or lawyer, of the Insured Persons’ and/or Policyholders’ intention to pursue or investigate a claim to recover damages or obtain compensation due to injury, illness or Medical Condition sustained by the Insured Person. Other than with written consent from the insurance company, Insured Persons and/or Policyholders have no entitlement to admit liability for any eventuality or give promise of any undertaking that is binding upon them. In the event that any claim or dispute is made in respect of this subrogation or any part thereof, including, but not limited to, any right of recovery provision which is ambiguous or questions arise concerning the meaning or intent of any of its terms, the insurance company shall for the avoidance of doubt have the sole authority and discretion to resolve all disputes regarding the interpretation of this provision.

Membership Applications: The insurance company maintains the right to ask you to provide proof of age and/or a declaration of health of any person included in his/her application. They reserve the right to apply additional options, exclusions or premium increases to reflect any circumstances the Insured Person(s) and/or Policyholder(s) advises in their application form or declares to them as a material fact. You must tell the insurance company if you know about anything which may affect their decision to accept your insurance application.

Medical Evaluation: The insurance company reserves the right to request further tests and/or evaluation where they have decided that a condition being claimed for may be directly or indirectly related to an excluded condition. You must give the insurance company all the documents needed to deal with any claim as determined by them and you will be responsible for the costs involved in doing so. All required documents, including but not limited to medical reports, claim submissions, receipts and any other documents needed to deal with any claim must be written in English. You will be responsible for any costs involved in translating any documents. You must give the insurance company permission to obtain any medical reports or records needed from any Medical Practitioner who has treated any Insured Person. The insurance company may ask you to attend one or more medical examination(s). If they do, they will pay the cost of the examination(s) and for any medical reports and records. If an Insured Person dies, they have the right to ask for a post-mortem examination.

Waiver: Any deviation from specific terms of the Policy Documentation hereunder at any time shall not constitute a waiver of the right of the insurance company to implement or insist upon compliance with that provision at any other time or times. This includes, but is not limited to, the payment of premiums or Benefits. This applies whether or not the circumstances are the same.

Right of Cancellation: In the event of any non-payment of premium by the Policyholder, the insurance company shall be entitled to cancel the Policy and any related Cover/plan. They may, at their discretion, reinstate Cover if the full premium is subsequently paid, though terms of Cover may be subject to variation. They may at any time terminate a Member’s Cover if he/she or the Policyholder has at any time:

a) Misled them by misstatement
b) Knowingly claimed Benefits for any purpose other than as are provided for under this Policy
c) Agreed to any attempt by a third party to obtain an unreasonable pecuniary advantage to their detriment
d) Otherwise failed to observe the terms and conditions of this Policy or failed to act with good faith

Liability: The liability of the Underwriter shall cease immediately upon termination of the Policy for whatever reason, including without limitation nonrenewal and non-payment of premium.

Minimizing Loss: You must take all reasonable steps to avoid or reduce any loss which may mean you have to make a claim under this insurance.

Alterations or Adjustments: The insurance company reserves the right to alter or discontinue the Benefits, terms, conditions or premiums of this Policy at each Renewal date. They shall notify you of such changes at least 15 days prior to the Renewal date. If you fail to receive such notice for whatever reason this shall not invalidate the change.

Parties to the Contract: The only parties to this contract are the Policyholder and the insurer.

Policy Wording – Exclusions

Finished with the conditions? Great! Here are the policy exclusions, which clearly identify what isn’t covered. This is also very important, for the same reasons as listed in the other two “Policy Wording” sections, so please make sure to read them carefully. This section, along with the “Conditions” section above, is what you can use to compare different insurances to see which one is best.

General exclusions apply to all sections of this insurance. The insurance company will not cover the following:

Any claim relating directly or indirectly to any Medical Condition or related condition for which the Insured Person received treatment, had symptoms of, had knowledge existed or should have known existed, or sought Advice for, prior to the Date of Entry (pre-existing medical condition).

Any claim relating directly or indirectly to an incident, injury or illness which the Insured Person was aware of at the time this insurance was purchased and which could reasonably be expected to lead to a claim.

Any claim relating directly or indirectly to or as a consequence of having received treatment, which the underwriter determines on general advice, is either experimental, unproven, unlicensed or not Medically Necessary.

Any claim relating directly or indirectly to a Congenital Anomaly or conditions, birth injuries, birth defects or any Hereditary Medical Conditions of any kind.

Any claim relating directly or indirectly to cosmetic treatment or corrective treatment or any consequence thereof.

Any claim relating directly or indirectly to pregnancy, pregnancy terminations, pregnancy complications or any Medical Conditions relating to pregnancy or childbirth.

Any claim associated with a sex change and any consequence thereof.

Any claim relating directly or indirectly to any venereal disease or any other sexually transmitted diseases or any related condition.

Any claim relating directly or indirectly to Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) or HIV related illness, including Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) or AIDS related complex (ARC) or any similar infections, illnesses, injuries or Medical Conditions relating directly or indirectly to these conditions.

Any claim relating to alcohol, alcoholism, drug or substance abuse or any addictive condition of any kind and any injury or illness arising directly or indirectly from such abuse, addiction or use.

Any claim relating to suicide or attempted suicide, Bodily Injury or illness, which is wilfully self-inflicted or due to negligent or reckless behaviour.

Any claim relating to any injury, illness or death sustained directly or indirectly as a result of the Member acting illegally or committing or helping to commit a criminal offence.

Any injury or death sustained while an inmate of a prison, jail or any correctional facility or while in any mental institution.

Any claim relating to any injury, illness or death sustained where a Member has travelled against advice.

The following hazardous activities are excluded: playing professional sports and/or taking part in motor sports of any kind; mountaineering, including potholing, spelunking or caving; high-altitude trekking over 2,500 metres; skiing off-piste or any other winter sports activity carried out off-piste; and Arctic or Antarctic expeditions.

Any claim arising as a result of the Insured Person’s use of a two-wheeled motor vehicle unless: (a) as a passenger the Insured Person wears a crash helmet and it is reasonable for them to believe that the driver holds a license to drive the two-wheeled motor vehicle under the laws of the country in which the Accident occurs (if such a license is required under the laws of the country in which the Accident occurs); or (b) as a driver the Insured Person wears a crash helmet and they hold a license which permits them to drive the two-wheeled motor vehicle under the laws of the country in which the Accident occurs and they have arranged adequate motor vehicle insurance coverage (if such a license and or insurance is required under the laws of the country in which the Accident occurs).

Any claim arising as a result of the Insured Person participating in motor racing, rally or vehicle racing of any kind.

Any claim involving the Insured Person taking part in manual labour.

Any claim arising as a result of the Insured Person failing to get the inoculations and vaccinations that they are reasonably required to receive.

Any claim arising from the Insured Person acting in a way which goes against the Advice of a Medical Practitioner.

Any claim arising from self-treatment, or treatment provided by a Direct Family Member. This includes, but is not limited to, prescribed medication, diagnostic tests and surgical procedures.

All Benefits are excluded unless they appear on your Benefits schedule.

Any claim relating directly or indirectly to Conflict/Civil Unrest or Act of Terrorism.

Any consequential loss.

Any claim relating to ionizing radiation, radioactive contamination, chemical contamination or nuclear contamination of any kind.

Any claim relating to an injury, illness or death occurring outside the Insured Person’s geographical area of cover as stated on the Certificate of Insurance.

Any claim relating to an injury, illness or death occurring outside the Period of Cover or in any period in which the appropriate premium has not been paid.

Any second or subsequent medical opinions from a Medical Practitioner or specialist for the same medical condition unless agreed in writing by us.

Expenses which are recoverable from a third party.

Costs incurred for the completion of any claim forms or the provision of any documents or reports needed to adjudicate a claim.

Any claim due to complications caused by an illness, disease, injury or treatment for which Cover is excluded or limited within this policy.

Any claim resulting from a failure or refusal to receive treatment for a Medical Condition.

Any claim made where the Insured Person has not died during the Period of Cover.

Any claim relating directly or indirectly or as a consequence to obesity if the Insured Person’s Body Mass Index has exceeded 30 during the Period of Cover or since the Date of Entry.


If you’ve just read through all that, well done. It’s a lot, we know. But it is important, and it’s worth reading (so if you’ve skipped to the end, maybe consider going back and reading it!).

In particular, if you are comparing different insurances, it’s the details contained in the terms and conditions which will impact your coverage, so don’t just rely on headlines created by a marketing department…

If there is anything written above that you don’t understand, or if you need anything clarified, please just contact us through this website and we’ll be happy to help!