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    Please confirm you understand and accept our GDPR-compliant data protection policy: and our insurance partners only collect personal data which is relevant to your insurance cover. Failure to fully or accurately provide the personal data requested on this form may result in your insurance cover being declined and/or discontinued.

    For the purposes of arranging and administering your insurance cover, and our insurance partners share your data with our employees, auditors, contractors and consultants, parent and affiliated companies who require this information in order to be able to provide you with the insurance cover. This can from time to time include third parties that collaborate with us (such as hospitals etc) for the specific purpose of providing you with the services and insurance benefits offered.

    If you wish to update, access or correct your personal data collected, or have any questions about the relevant data protection policies and procedures, you can make a request at any time to either or the underwriting insurance company's Chief Compliance Officer.

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